Megaliths in Western Europe:

Megalithic Brittany

When one associates the words " Brittany " and " megaliths ", the image of Carnac stone lines comes immediately to mind, and it is true that this place is spectacular:

ncarnac.jpg (49553 octets)

As for the significance of these concentrations of megaliths, many assumptions are made that have no answers so let's just get carried in the past by the magic of the places!

Kermario allée couverte devant alignements de Kermario Kerlescan
Kermario Stone lines Dolmen with corridor in Kermario Kerlescan Stone lines

However, what I want to highlight is the extremely familiar side of the cohabitation between the megalithic site and the contemporary habitat. For example the very beautiful dolmen with corridor of Mougau, in Commana which is next to a farm and one wonders whether its first walls were not built with the stones of the cairn which covered the dolmen a very long time ago!

photo:Claire Prigent

  This dolmen is very remarkable since several of its flagstones bear engraved ornaments which were mentionned higher .


Mougau.Hache emmenchée Mougau .Paire de seins en relief


Engraved breasts

In Brittany, the monuments are so numerous that it is difficult to index them all on this page, but here are some, in all the cases refer to Mr.Giot ' s beautiful book of : " Brittany of the Megaliths " Ed.Ouest-France.

Dolmen in Kernic , Plouescat


corridor , cairn 2

Pointe de la Torche:Dolmen

carbon14 dated 4100 to 4350 BC

Dolmen with corridor ,

Pors-Poulhan en Plouhinec


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