Megaliths in Western Europe:

What happened to menhirs

**** During millenia which followed their construction, megalithic constructions were re-used by the successive types of civilization.  

Stele cannelee

Cannelled stele of the IronAge

recut in a menhir.

Penhors - Brittany


Stele gallo-romaine

Gallo-Roman stele of Kernuz



menhir christianisť

Many menhirs

were christianized:

on the left, the menhir of 


on the right, the " Men-Braz "

in Brignogan , both in

Brittany .

Le"Men Braz"


A significant quantity of megalithic monuments were destroyed, used as macadamization or building materials or were often degraded by agricultural use.


" The Insane Stone"

this sepulchral room

was used as hen house


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