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Music and Dance

In the Stockbreeders era , the most prosperous period of the " watery " Sahara , the high quality of paintings reflects the abundance and the quietness of those times . And more , through painting , the artist lets us catch sight of other blooming arts such as dancing and music .

Dancers with leggings

These dancers's elegance is extraordinary . Here , men wear flaring leggings which make think of the tall Tutsi dancers ' s outfits . Masks are covering their faces . Women's bellies are mostly curved , their hairdoes are ornated with ribbons .

Musicians Ringdance

Two musicians with feathers in their hair , one holding a string instrument , the other "a flute", are playing . Farther on , figures carefully dressed up with body paintings , neatly set hairdoes , wearing necklaces and bracelets , are dancing , a part of their leather pareos flowing behind them , following the rhythm of the dance .



Odile Prigent-Paleologos 1998-2003