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Mysterious Past

Tassili frescoes recall the life of several human groups who coexisted or followed one another in this region during the 6 millenia preceeding our time .

There were four main eras :

The first two eras are going to be dealt with in this site .

** ** Hunters :

Hunters Hunters2 Hunters3

Representation of motion characterizes best the paintings of the Hunters era .As a matter of fact, the figures never stand still : one runs, another jumps, this one walks, that one bends his bow, It's full of life , gives an impression of vivacity and shows an incontestable taste for narration..

** ** Stockbreeders :

They domesticated stock , goats, sheep, gathered wild graminaceae and above all had built a complex social life as we can see on the frescoes found in the Tassili plateau .

* Rites :

bpasteurs4.JPG (17080 octets) These figures , 6000 years old , take part

in a ritual ceremony.

Men wear large hats that recall us

of Ancient Egypt .


* Shepherds :

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Shepherds Shepherds2
These shepherds chatting with one another are

5000 years old. Pict.left : richness of clothing

is remarquable.Pict.right: Figures wear cloaks

similar to those worn by Lybian chiefs shown

in Egyptian ancient paintings.

* Men of influence :

This scene shows how highly organised

these societies might have been .

Richness of attitudes,diversity in clothing,

and , more , the notion of hierarchy amid

this group are highly remarquable .

Assembly of Notables



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