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Sahara : Desert of the deserts

8000 years ago , as the last effects of the ice-age could still be felt in Europe , Sahara , this large desert spreading , today , from West to East in Africa , used to be a fertile land with rivers abounding with fish , rich grassy hills abounding with game . Many civilizations followed one another on that forthcoming land . They left , painted or engraved in caverns or on cliffs , testimonies making one of the most complete catalogs ever found about prehistoric life .

On this map of Africa Algeria is in red.

The" Tassili N'Ajjer",very rich in rupestral art, is situated in the South.

Early morning departure:

milky sky ,

black rocks ,

pink sand .................

Ph.Nomachi Ph.Nomachi Ph.Nomachi Ph.Nomachi




Today , Sahara is nothing but gullied hills , sculpted by

winds . These grind-stones , forgotten on a burnt soil ,

are nothing but the phantoms of an ancient oasis .

Nicolas and Odile in the desert

Eroded by waters and winds , Tassili plateau , with its numerous gullies and ravines offered an ideal working site to the artists of these ancient times . They have represented scenes of daily life or related to their beliefs , as well as many animals which cannot be found there anymore .

Fresco Fresco2

In Touareg language" Tassili N'Ajjer " means " Plateau of many rivers" .

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