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As Saharan societies developped , war took an increasing place in their lifes and this was told by the artists who were witnesses of the daily life .

During the Stockbreeders era , the fights might have been only mere disputes between groups to settle problems in relation with herds . Later , according to some hypothesis, the peaceful breeders had to fight against invaders coming from the North and better armed ...

So , under the combined effects of the invaders and irreversible drying of their land , the breeders progressively disappeared from central Sahara .



Above , on Pict.1 , the warriors are of mediterrennean type . Are they part of the nomad invaders who came from the north and settled on the Tassili plateau at the time of Stockbreeders ? On Pict.2 , the warrior seems to be coming back to camp , wounded or exhausted as two figures are approaching to help him .


On the picture above , are the men with the beautiful cloaks again , facing a highly organized armed group wearing uniforms , the leader has a different outfit and they all have bows .



Odile Prigent-Paleologos 1998-2003